Sunday, November 16, 2008


Brillo chases me down the beach.  He's too fast for me!

Playing in the sand and surf.

Brillo passed his final medical exam (got all his puppy shots), so Dave and I brought him out to Coronado's dog beach.  Coronado is supposed to be the best dog beach around, mainly because of the clientele.  The one in Ocean Beach has, how do I say, a bit more diversity.  Some of the dogs are reportedly pretty questionable in manners and customs.  Coronado dogs are all pretty upper crust, and Brillo LOVED it!  

He was very curious about the new sensation under his feet when he touched sand for the first time, but he quickly decided he liked it.  It was a perfect day:  not a cloud in the bright blue sky, and the temp a fresh and breezy 85.  Yes, it is November in San Diego, but please don't tell that to the weather guy.  The water is quite chilly, but that didn't stop Brillo from going in.  What did stop him, or slow him down, were the waves crashing onto the beach, but he got over it. 

He romped and romped with new friends, including a French bulldog named Lulu (cutest thing ever, and she looked just like a baby piggy).  We got some good pics, and after it looked like he'd had enough, we used the park's doggie hose to rinse him clean of salt and sand.  He slept like a baby all the way home. 

Brillo leapt onto the front seat floorboards when asked to load up into the Mini so we could go to Dog Beach.  It took significant coaxing to get him to go to the back.

Brillo is pretty happy to be footloose and fancy free in Coronado.

Hi Brills!  You're so cute!

My boys and Lulu.  Heehee.

Brillo and Lulu are having fun romping.  That's Brill's orange dummy in the water.

What the heck?  What is pulling at my feet?  Oh...that's the waves going back out.  WEIRD!

WEEEEE!  Look at meeeee!

Look at him go!  He's having a blast!

Get your dummy, Brillo!  Good boy!

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