Friday, November 14, 2008

Brillo thrashes around gleefully in a stream along our trail at Cowles Mountain.

Brillo!  Say cheese!

Brills is enjoying the cold water.  He was really hot before he got into the water.

Brillo explores on our way back to the car at the end of a fun hike.

Here Brillo is coming back from a side trip into the brush to do some sniffing.  The first few times we went hiking, he wouldn't leave the trail.  It is fun to watch him gain confidence with each trip.  Now, I can't keep him out of the bushes.

Brillo takes a little rest along the hiking trail.

Brillo went to the vet yesterday to get his final puppy shots (YAY!!!), and he is 33 pounds!  He is growing like a WEED, I tell you!  It's as if he is growing, noticeably growing, right before our eyes.  He is noticeably bigger every day.  His fur is changing too.  It's longer on his back and head, and it's shorter on his legs.  It's actually a bit thin and sparse, and I'm not sure why.  It takes three years for a WHPG's coat to mature.  

Every day, Dave and I fall more and more in love with him.  We simply cannot get over how doggone cute he is.  What's most exciting is that he retains his cuteness as he gets bigger.  He is bigger and more dog-like, but he is still sooooo cute.  Cuter than ever, actually.  Dave and I are both sickened by his ultra cuteness.  Disgusting.

Here are a few milestones in Brillo's life.  Tomorrow, I will tell you about our daily fieldtrips, including trips to Cowles Mountain!  Our Brillo is a hiker!  Some of the photos I posted yesterday show our hikes.   We drive to Cowles or Lake Murray every morning, and Brillo learned very quickly that the Defender means fun.  After our first outing on Day One, he had it figured out.  On Day Two, I let him outside without his leash, and he bee-lined for the left-hand passenger door and waited for me to let him in.  He's so smart!  He's getting closer and closer to being able to load up by himself, too.  He's so cool.  Mama's little baby is growing up!

I've so much to talk about, but it's time to stop for the night.  Thanks for sticking with us.  You will be rewarded handsomely if you continue to stick around.  We intend to take him to dog beach for the first time this weekend...


Oct 1:  17 lbs
Oct 13-23:  Worked at Trek, so Brillo stayed home alone much of the day 
Oct 18:  25 lbs 
Oct 19:  First puppy class
Nov 2:  Started drinking out of the toilet
Nov 4:  15 weeks
Nov 9:  30 lbs; Puppy class!
Nov 11:  16 weeks!
Nov 13:  Final puppy shots!  33 lbs

Brillo is wet from his little swim.

In this video, Brills is playing in the water.  He liked the area where the stream ran down and into the pool of water.  I think he was hunting for crawdads.

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