Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the photo I entered in Bissells MVP contest!

I entered Brillo's photo in a contest on Bissell's website.  The winner will be pictured on a Bissell product, or something.  YOU can help Brillo win by clicking ont he icon below and entering your name and email address.  Only one vote per person!  Help Brillo get the recognition he deserves!  Vote now!  Thank you.  Woof!

To see all the other entries, click HERE.


Mary Cate said...

Wow! No need to look at other dogs. Brillo should win paw's down! He's even cuter than my 11 week old pup, Hobie (Cate).

Kristine said...

Hey Nancy, Change my email to :


I only check this email once every so often and noticed your Brillo log...

Cute pix of an ever so cute Brillo!! What a great lookin puperoo! He has really grown and I will have to stop by and take a look at this big guy and give him a special squeeze and get a big wet kiss from the cutie!

Very cute cute cute!

Kris Clark