Monday, September 22, 2008


Brillo loves to play with the frisbee his grandma gave him.  He does better when it is flipped over, but it's more fun to watch when it's like this.  Check it out.

In this one, the opening is the gem.  Check out what happens when a puppy gets overzealous with a frisbee attack.

Sunday, Brillo and I wnet to Lake Murray, which is right down the road from my house.  He had fun exploring, bu he wasn't as interested in the water or the birds/ducks as I thought he'd be.  Everything is a little overwhelming for this little guy.  Here's his first view of the water and the ducks.

When I beckoned for him to come into the water, he didn't hesitate.  Once there, however, he got a little nervous and bailed on the idea.  Poor little guy was a little confused.  

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