Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Successful Leash Walk

Brillo, like most dogs, loves plastic bottles.  He likes chasing this water bottle around the yard.

Today was a pretty big day for the Brillomeister.  He had fun this morning, playing in the back yard, chasing a water bottle, and playing in the hose out front.  His most exciting adventure, though, was his trip to downtown La Mesa (about 3-4 blocks) on his leash.  I've put the leash on him before, but he couldn't be convinced to walk anywhere.  All he would do was bite it and pull on it.  Today, however, he decided he might as well cooperate so I can take him more places.  He walked with me all the way to my friend Sherri's shop (A Handful of Wildflowers), and he barely stopped or had to be carried at all!  When we got there, he had fun saying hi to Sherri and her customers, and he even went with me to Cosmo's Coffee Cafe across the street.  He did get a little bored and restless there, but he did pretty well!  Later, he fell asleep on the floor at Sherri's.  He was tired from being admired by so man people all morning.  He really draws a crowd and can't go anywhere without everybody wanting to pet him.  I have to answer, "What kind of dog is he?" zillions of times a day, and my answer, "Wirehaired pointing griffon," isn't much help.  Nobody has heard of that breed.  Have you heard of that breed?

When we got home, the tired boy slept for a few hours.  He was so sleepy!  At a little after 6 pm, whe woke up from a nap and peed on the floor.  OOPS!  I don't know why he did that.  He got some on his coat, so I gave him a bath in the new flea shampoo I bought.  The F'ing neighbors' cats are all infested and have spread them to our yard, I think.  Brillo is on Advantix and is flea-free, but I found one on my stomach.  I haven't found any since, but the exterminator is coming tomorrow, anyway.  He wasn't happy about his bath, so I made it up to him by playing with him with a big towel.  He LOVES towels, and he had fun being rubbed down and getting covered up.  He loves being covered with towels.  He was all spun up after that, so we took another walk.  This time, we went to El Guapo's in La Mesa Village, where I knew a lot of my local friends would be congregated for Taco Tuesday.  Brillo had fun talking to all his new admirers down there, but he was ready to go home by the time I finished my beer.  I think he's going to sleep well tonight!

Brillo also loves the hose.  Look how he uses his paws.  He uses them alot, to hold things and investigate things.  I think that is evidence of his extreme genius.

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